colibri DUBROVNIK book available for purchase



colibri DUBROVNIK book available for purchase

Dear visitors, lovers in travel and written word, welcome to the world of colibri. We are pleased to announce that colibri DUBROVNIK, the first book in the charming colibri series, is now available at retail in the city of Dubrovnik, Zagreb and Split. More details about the book and sales locations can be found at the following link. You can purchase colibri DUBROVNIK via our web shop as well.

We believe this book will serve you as an excellent guide in discovering the wonders of Dubrovnik or as a souvenir on the time spent in this extraordinary city.

With the help of colibri enjoy in sharing rich experience and new emotions with your loved ones. The colibri DUBROVNIK book is your best souvenir.

Join us in colibri adventure!