Colibri books allow the reader to find out, in a matter of seconds, any important information and interesting data about a historical building, monument or other significant structure of a certain destination, as well as famous figures and curiosities from the life of the past centuries, including current cultural, tourist and sports events. This innovation distinguishes colibri books from other related offerings on the book market. Also, due to their specific dimensions (pocket format, 11x13 cm), colibri books do not pose a burden or nuisance in touring and getting to know the tourist destinations that the books cover. Owing to the exceptionally interesting text, which creates a sense of wonderment and stimulates further curiosity in the visitor, colibri books represent a great novelty on the tourism publishing market. They can be considered an original souvenir and are as such an ideal gift for loved ones, friends, coworkers, business partners and others.

Colibri books contain a DVD with the photos featured in the book as well as numerous other photos. The photos are located in a file directory according to the order of the contents in the book.


The sources of the information and data used in colibri books are various: we used numerous other books, websites, and various blogs covering the destinations that colibri books feature. In this process of research and discovery, we would occasionally come across different data on the same event, building or life and work of a certain figure. After additional research, we would decide on a certain piece of information that we considered to be correct. We do, however, allow for the possibility that the books still might contain some incorrect data. We kindly ask that, if anyone knows for sure that a certain piece of information is incorrect, they inform us of this via our e-mail, in order for us to correct it in the next edition. Thank you in advance for your cooperation and assistance.


Every colibri book or e-book reader or user of a colibri application can send us their suggestion of a new item to cover via our e-mail: a certain historical point of interest, cultural, tourist or sports event, famous historical figure, etc., which they consider should be included in a book or application so as to make it better and more complete in its mission of "telling the story" of the history and culture of a certain destination covered by colibri. We will express our gratitude for each and every one of your contributions to the creation of the new colibri stories that find their way to a new edition with a special acknowledgement. Welcome to the world of colibri!


Your opinion, review and evaluation of colibri editions are very important to us and the further development of the colibri CROATIA project. Regardless of whether they are positive or negative, as long as they are honest, your comments will be of great service to us. We thank you in advance for your comments.

Video presentation of the colibri DUBROVNIK book